About Us

Our history

For thirty years, Lanai Construction has remained relevant in the bustling Southern California luxury residential and commercial building market by consistently delivering outstanding results through expert workmanship, imaginative solutions, and a personalized approach from design to build.

An exterior shot of the Bridge House.

What we believe

Our team caters to a diverse clientele of homeowners, designers, architects, and contractors and we guarantee a customized experience aligned with our highest values: innovation, reliability, positivity, and dedication.

Family-owned and operated

As a family owned and operated business, we attribute our long-standing success to the master craftsmanship passed down through three generations of builders devoted to quality, service, and meticulous execution. Our work is further distinguished by utilizing only the highest quality material alternatives for all renovations and new builds entailing decking, siding, soffit, and exterior fine-finish installations.

A view at Bridge House construction by Lanai Construction.

Building relationships

Lanai Construction takes pride in building enduring relationships. We are grateful to be surrounded by a team of professionals who, over the last 30 years, have helped shape our success and our company.

When you choose Lanai, you become part of our extended family. Welcome to Lanai, we love what we do!