Esthec® Terrace

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We at Lanai Construction strive to provide the highest quality and sustainable products available on the market. 

In 2016, we partnered with Esthec to become the sole West Coast distributor of Esthec® Terrace - an innovative, luxurious, and extremely durable hybrid composite which is today’s leading alternative for decking, hardscapes, and architectural applications - ideal for pool decks, spas, and ocean-front properties. 

Esthec® Terrace offers greater freedom without compromising creativity, quality, or functionality. It displays a wide range of design and technical advantages such as:  

  • a diverse range of colors and shades to create a rich, wood-like esthetic 
  • customized color matching and contoured shaping  
  • efficient and light-weight clip and click system
  • easy to install, repair, and clean
  • maintains “brand new” appearance for life
  • has a comfortable, smooth feel on bare feet
  • highly slip resistant in wet or dry conditions 
  • a non-porous surface which minimizes bacterial growth (algae, fungus, mold)
  • a recyclable ecological product made from 25% recycled materials
  • composed of natural resins, fibers, minerals, and color pigments (no pvc or wood)

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