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We are the designers and patent holders for QuikJoist™, an adjustable leveling joist system manufactured in Los Angeles, CA and distributed world-wide.

Low-Profile Design

QuikJoist™ is a floating system which boasts a low-profile design, allowing for a seamless transition from an interior space to any exterior area. 

Multipurpose System

This joist system is ideal for applications over concrete, contoured substrates, or roofing membranes. It is uniquely engineered to exclude the use of penetrating hardware upon installation to avoid compromising the waterproofing envelope of the underlying layer over which it is placed. 

QuikJoist™ Suite 350 Step Detail - Side View

Strength & Durability

QuikJoist™ is constructed utilizing all stainless steel and aluminum components which contributes to its strength, durability, and ability to withstand exposure to weather, fire, and decay. 

Residential & Commercial

The QuikJoist™ floating system provides the most dependable framing solution for any residential or commercial project utilizing the application of Esthec® Terrace or exotic woods, resulting in an unparalleled laser-flat finish.

QuikJoist™ Suite 350 Step Detail - Front View

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